European manufacturer of computer peripherals and components

Biomag is formed by dynamic and qualified team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in the design and creation of computer components and peripherals, satisfying millions of users with innovative, affordable and excellent quality products. 

Our long career within the computer industry has given us the necessary experience to know the strengths of the sector and satisfy the needs of a wide range of users, always focusing our efforts on products with more demand and better marketing, and offering the best possible quality at very competitive prices.

After a humble start as a computer store, Biomag quickly became a local reference in the informatics market and soon began to develop its facet of import, distribution, design and manufacture of products. Being one of the pioneering companies in the sector in Europe.

Collaborating closely in product development and distribution since its inception with pioneering brands such as Thermaltake, giving birth to innovative products, projects and prestigious brands in the technology sector such as Aerocool, Tacens, Mars Gaming, Anima and AIM, as well as actively developing and manufacturing products of other brands and different markets with a growing ODM / OEM department.

Our main objective is to familiarize the end user with technology in a professional way and with the total security of having a trusted brand, which offers products of excellent quality-price, bringing the technology where others do not arrive.